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PointCloud Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to give you some familiarity with using the PointCloud class. The PointCloud class is designed to a collection of potentially ordered 3D geometric points along with any other type of data field that may be relavent to a geometric point.

These tutorials offer two different styles of learning to use point clouds: Learning by Functionality and Learning by Example. There is also a PointCloud Cookbook for looking up specific functionality if you are already familiar with point clouds.

Learning by Functionality

This section will take you through the capabilities of a point cloud step by step starting from the most basic information, ultimately ending with the most complex functionality.

Basic Tutorials

These basic tutorials will explain everything that is needed to immediately start working with point clouds on a geometry only basis.

Data Field Tutorials

Pointclouds can be used to store and manipulate arbitrary fields in addition to geometry. These tutorials explain how to add additional data fields to a point cloud and manipulate them in a fashion that is very similar to a geometry only approach.

Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials offer a glimpse at some of the more advanced functionality that PointCloud provides and should be approached only after becoming comfortable with the earlier tutorials.

Learning by Example

Learning by example will immediately submerge you in practical examples of point cloud related tasks to introduce concepts in NRT that are related to point clouds. Things may show up out of order in terms of their complexity compared to Learning by Functionality.

PointCloud Cookbook

This section has several common tasks individually broken out for easy reference and learning.